[NOTICE: CLOSED] #PhoneCandy Pre-order Batch 63 + TVXQ! Fate Collection
[NOTICE: CLOSED] #PhoneCandy Pre-order Batch 63 + TVXQ! Fate Collection

Hello everyone! ^^ We are now accepting orders for the latest batch^-^

Batch 63 is now open! 

Kindly make sure to check the on-going schedule. All orders placed within the period indicated will be part of Batch 63, however, they will only be processed after proof of payment has been received 🙂


NEW: TVXQ! 2018 Fate Collection

TVXQ! has finally comeback with a new album, The Chance of Love ^^ We’re excited to share this new collection inspired by U-know and Max! 🙂

Click on the poster below to shop the collection^^


Is this your first time shopping at Phone Candy by CandySky? Make sure to check out the following links! ^-^

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  • Phone Models: “Is ASUS Zenfone Max 3 available? Do you only make cases for iPhones?” We cater to a wide range of phone brands and models, please check yours here^^
  • Promos: Is this your first time ordering? Want discounts? We’ve got you covered! Current promotions are listed here 🙂

Happy shopping and have a great week, everyone! ^^ 

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