Item Types

Regular Pre-order Items
  • Items for regular pre-order are: Cases, Popgrips, Ringholders, Keyrings & Passport Covers
  • Pre-order and Payment Cut-off: Every 2 weeks, Mondays, 7PM
  • Shipping Every Wednesdays to Fridays of the following week.
Seoul Pre-order Items
  • Items from Korea such as Albums, DVDs, Photobooks, Magazines, Lightsticks, Cosmetics and other Official Goods
  • Schedule Please refer to the pre-order schedule’s Payment DeadlineEstimated Date of Arrival in the Philippines, as well as the Target Local Shipping Dates.
On-hand Items
  • Item stock availability is indicated on the item page.
  • Orders can be placed anytime, and payment should be made within 2 days of placing the order.
  • Shipping Order will be shipped out a day after payment has been received and confirmed.

How to Order

  1. For your preferred items, click on “ADD TO CART”. For items with choices like sizes or versions, click “SELECT OPTIONS”, and once you have chosen, click on “ADD TO CART”. For items with details needed, make sure to input them, and then click “ADD TO CART”.
  2. After you have finished choosing the items you like, VIEW YOUR CART. This will show you a breakdown of the costs. This page will also help you compute for the shipping fee.
  3. Click the “PROCEED TO CHECK OUT” button, and fill up the necessary information.
  4. Choose your MODE OF PAYMENT, and READ the TERMS & CONDITIONS.
  5. PLACE YOUR ORDER. You will receive a confirmation email from us with your order breakdown, as well as payment information.
  6. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT. After paying, send your proof of payment and payment details to hello[@] Instructions are included in the confirmation email.
  7. PAYMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Once we have received your proof of payment, we will send you an acknowledgement email, and the status of your order will be updated.
  8. WAIT FOR YOUR ORDER TO BE SHIPPED. We will be sending you an order note with tracking details once your order is ready to be shipped.

For any queries, or if you need help in placing an order, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Happy Shopping! ^^